Low Carb Noodles-Shirataki Noodles

With the beginning of the new year a lot of people have made resolutions to lose weight. Between going to the gym and watching what they eat, they hope to shed all those pounds gained thru the festive holidays.

Shirataki noodles are low calorie, low carb, thin, Japaneses noodles made from yam. They are made of water and a type of dietary fiber with little flavor. So if you are looking for a low carb/ low calorie noodle to help you get into swimsuit shape – you found it here!

It is zero calorie and zero carbs!! Yes, you read that right. Impossible you say! No, try these today and see it for yourself.

Use it as substitute in your favorite noodle recipe. There is no need to cook them since they are ready to eat. Just add your favorite vegetables, meat or condiments and you can lose weight without giving up on taste.

While you can find these at other online stores for over $3.00 for a 7 ounce package, we currently sell it for only $2.03 – and that is for a 14 oz package!!! If you buy it from us you will only lose weight from your waist and not from your wallet!!!

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